Friday, October 17, 2008

Musings from the Elephant Man: PropOBAMA

I said in a post last week that I felt that we as Americans have been subjected to the most blatant propaganda campaign in United States history. I still stand by that statement and in an effort to defend it, I have decided to put together a collection of Barack Obama propaganda posters and compare them to the propaganda posters of Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Jong Il, II Sung, Mao, Castro, Hussein, and Guevera. You be the judge of how relevant this comparison is. I will say this, throughout history oppressive rulers seeking to gain power or stay in it have launched enormous propaganda campaigns. The main goal of these campaigns is to portray these leaders as heroic and messianic figures and in so doing create a cult of personality. The Hitlers, Lenins and Stalins of history realized that one of the best ways to accomplish this goal was to create an iconic portrait of themselves and to plaster it in as many places as possible. Another essential aspect of this form of propaganda is the placement of uplifting, inspiring and catchy slogans, words and phrases (albeit empty slogans, words and phrases) along side the leader's image. If people continually see portrayals of their leader as a savior and hero then they will be more susceptible to give in to his wishes and to follow him blindly.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama and his mindless sycophantic followers recognize the importance of employing such a strategy. There is also no denying, as I have already asserted, that they have been engrossed in the most blatant propaganda campaign that this country has ever seen. Obama's likeness, accompanied by meaningless words like, Change, Hope, Progress, Yes We Can, Vote for Change, Dream, and the like, has been plastered on every street corner in every urban center in the United States. While repulsing to intelligent people with brains and reasoning abilities (i.e. What kind of change does he want? What does he want to change? Why do we need hope? What am I supposed to dream? Is he qualified? What has he done? What does he believe in? etc., etc., etc.), Obama's tantelizing propaganda has drawn throngs and throngs of weakminded and shallow people to his cause. Instead of thinking and making an informed decision, these people choose to believe false promises and put their faith in their savior, Barack Hussein Obama. Unfortunately, there are miriads of these foolish people in America today and they are just four weeks away from electing the most dangerous, unproven, untested, and unqualified presidential candidate in US history to be the next president of this great country (or perhaps, America's first true dictator - is this really a stretch considering the Democratic Party controls Congress and they view their leader as the messiah?).

So, without further adiu, I present to you a collection of some of Barack Obama's masterful propaganda.

Let's start with Obama's logo/symbol. A symbol is an essential piece of propaganda as it becomes a mental trigger for a message, idea and/or person. A symbol must be simple and easily recognizable. Now, I am well aware that the United States has many symbols (Star Spangled Banner, Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, etc.), but Obama is the first American politician (that I am aware of) to have created a simple symbol that the vast majority of Americans recognize.

(Left to right - Obama's symbol, Lenin's/USSR/Communist symbol, and Hitler's symbol)

(Left to right - An image of Obama's symbol prominently displayed alongside well known American symbols, this picture was obtained from . . . Hitler's Nazi symbol displayed prominently with eagle)

Now, let's move on to look at Obama propaganda posters that Obama's campaign has actually endorsed and/or created. Their similarities to those of communist, fascist, socialist and totalitarian dictators is shocking.

(An Obama official campaign poster compared to a propaganda poster of Argentina's Communist leader Che Guevera and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein)

(An Obama official campaign poster compared to a propaganda poster of communist dictator Vladimir Lenin and Che Guevera)

(An Obama official campaign poster next to propaganda posters of Lenin and Joseph Stalin)

(An Obama official campaign poster next to a propaganda poster for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro)

(Top row - 2 Obama official campaign posters . . . Bottom row, left to right - propaganda poster for Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong, propaganda poster for Adolf Hitler, and propaganda poster for Vladimir Lenin)

(An Obama official campaign poster next to an Adolf Hitler propaganda poster)

Now, let's move on to look at Obama propaganda posters that Obama's followers have created. I could not confirm whether the Obama campaign was directly responsible for the creation of these posters and thus, I would not consider them to be "official campaign" posters.

(A pro-Obama poster alongside a pro-Che Guevera one - Notice the common theme in these two posters. In both the leader is perceived as a ray of light and hope)

(A pro-Obama poster alongside a pro-Mao Zedong poster - again notice the theme)

(A pro-Obama poster alongside pro-Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and N. Korea dictator Kim Il-sung posters - once again the common light theme)

(A pro-Obama poster alongside a pro-Mao Zedong poster - again notice the theme)

(A pro-Obama Spanish poster alongside a pro-Stalin poster)

(A pro-Obama poster along side a pro-Saddam Hussein poster)

(A pro-Obama German poster that was found in Berlin prior to Obama's Berlin Speech on July 24, 2008 alongside a pro-Vladimir Lenin poster)

(Pro-Obama poster compared to pro-Lenin poster)

(Pro-Obama poster next to pro-Lenin poster)

(Pro-Obama vs. pro-Lenin poster)

(Pro-Obama posters vs. pro-Hitler poster)

(Pro-Obama Rolling Stone Magazine cover - RS Mag. one of the most liberal leftist Obama media outlets out there; I thought RS was supposed to be about music? - next to Hitler's famous Mein Kampf cover)

(3 more blatant Obama propaganda followed by a Che Guevera poster)

(pro-Obama poster vs. pro-Lenin poster)

Well, this concludes my collection of Barack Obama propaganda posters. I hope that you enjoyed the god-like personification and meaningless ideas and words of Obama (or as I like to call him the Man in the Empty Suit). Hopefully this collection enlightened you as to what is really going on in America today, but I am well aware that many of you are sheep being led to the slaughter. Many of you have already bought into Obama's empty words, false promises and messianic like portrayal. To you I have this to say . . . Change is coming just as it came in Russia, Germany, Cuba, North Korea, and China, but trust me, it's not the change that you want and it's not the change that we need.

Quotes of the Day:

"The American people want to believe in change again. Don't tell me words don't matter!"

- Barack Obama

"It's always easier to fight against faith than knowledge."

- Adolf Hitler

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