Monday, August 10, 2009

If you like your health insurance...

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep [it]...."

Umm, what if I lose my job? What if I can't afford my private insurance for a month, and decide to get it back again? What if my employer drops my benefit package?


It's the best chance for reform because you're the biggest Lefty since FDR. Only your idea reform simply makes people more dependent on politicians to solve basic problems, like how much health care do I need. You think you know better than I do.

NO. NO. NO, you don't know how much health care I need! You are not all-knowing and "the chosen one". Let me decide instead of taking away my choices in your so-called "exchange".

Sorry Mr President. This plan makes no sense. You CANNOT lower costs AND expand coverage. That is IMPOSSIBLE.

You can EASILY fix a big portion of the problem by:

1. Expanding competition. If I just want catastrophic insurance out of state, I should be able to buy that.
2. End the employer based insurance system. Why the hell is my health care tied to my job when I can freely shop for food, transportation, energy, shelter without my boss being involved.

These two things would lower costs and frustration. You could also address the uninsured problem by expanding and simplifying Medicaid. Those who FREELY choose not to have insurance should be expected to repay every single cent of the cost it takes to save them, OR GO TO JAIL. They are stealing from the hospital. Most could easily afford a $50 per month catastrophic insurance plan, and that should be encouraged.

We need change. Just not the drastic change that's designed to buy votes, cost us dearly and accomplish very little.

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